CCHHI 2012: This is the Jack Herer Initiative

12/07/2011: Join us at The Oaksterdam Student Union for an ASA event taking a look at Jack Herer’s CCHHI 2012 on 12/21/2011!

12/07/2011: CCHHI Fundraiser/Meeting this Dec. 16th 7pm in Los Angeles at Bruce Margolin’s Law Office!

12/06/2011: Taking the truth to the youth, it’s the Prohibiton Tour!

11/15/2011: CCHHI has submitted the final wording to the AG of California!

11/12/2011: CCHHI endorses the Repeal Cannabis Prohibition 2012 initiative!

11/12/2011: The proposed wording has been updated again.

California, the largest political unit in the USA and eighth largest global economy, can show the way to the future by re-legalizing the ultimate sustainable domestic resource. 

The California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2012 would create millions of jobs with a new, truly green economy with valuations in the trillions of dollars.

This vital natural resource Cannabis Hemp, which was made illegal under a false propaganda campaign in 1937, can provide multitudes of non-toxic products, perhaps most importantly bio based oil/energy/plastics without the tragic loss of life, security concerns and wars due to foreign dependence, or catastrophic toxic ocean spills.

This is the ultimate renewable resource, way more efficient than corn or anything else.

It can also provide building materials, insulation and even paints/varnishes that are green, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Its seeds can provide a super-food balanced in all amino acids and providing omega 6 and 3 in the perfect 3-1 ratio.

It is so resilient and easy to grow that it still grows feral in all 50 states and improves soil as it grows.

The petrochemical industry has had a good run- they’ve made their billions and have us on the edge of a dangerous cliff. They did it all by making a simple plant illegal for pure greed and profit for a mere 75 years.

Won’t you help us start to right the wrongs of Hemp prohibition? Won’t you help us end this lunacy once and for all? Enough is enough.

Our initiative is simple- make Cannabis Hemp 100% legal the way it used to be- and save our economy and our environment.